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Dear Hilton Residents
As you are all aware, WK Construction has been replacing the old water pipeline across Hilton. This represents a major investment in our community. The delivery of water to residents without losses through an old, leaky infrastructure, and whilst disruptive at times, is most welcome.
A major portion of the replacement pipeline work has been carried out, and the commissioning of these lines, together with the construction of pressure chambers and the running of pressure tests is underway. We are aware that there are areas where the verges/driveways have not been rehabilitated, or new meters have not been placed correctly etc, and as the community liaison for this project, we are calling for a 'snag list' for WK.
Please let us have the following via email:
Address the email to: heathermorkel@gmail.com
Subject: Name, address
Email content: Please list the issues you are experiencing so that these can be addressed before the project is completed.
DEADLINE: Monday 30 January at 17H00 please

Yours sincerley,

Hilton Ratepayers Association

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