• Welcome to the Hilton Ratepayers Association

Welcome to the Hilton Ratepayers Association

A knowledgeable, united and proactive association representing the community of Hilton residents and ratepayers.

We are an apolitical, community-driven non-profit organisation representing and promoting the interests of Hilton residents and ratepayers through communication, connectivity and collaboration.

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Our involvement within the Hilton community:
  • Service - The HRA will always strive to deliver a high level of service and support to the greater Hilton community, working together in teams to face the challenges a growing community demands and create a positive legacy for generations to come.

  • Leadership - The HRA will constantly aim to be recognized for its expertise and leadership and for adding a valuable contribution to all stakeholders.

  • Impartiality - The HRA will focus on conducting itself in a fair and responsible manner and facilitating in a spirit of reconciliation and with integrity at all times.

  • Inclusivity

    • To foster active community involvement in all matters relating to our immediate environment
    • To ensure good communication with the community and with our other stakeholders
    • To take all steps necessary to protect, maintain and enhance our neighbourhood and environs
    • Through our actions to enhance and protect the value of our property within our area
    • To welcome new community members and encourage their involvement.
All committee members are volunteers - each person has a portfolio which is discussed at a monthly meeting
    • Chairman - Mike Tarr
    • Vice-Chairman - Shay Mauck
    • Security - John Holliday and his team
    • Electricity - Rob Maitland-Stuart
    • Planning/New Developments - Marita Thornhill
    • Roads/Water and Sanitation - Colin Johnston and his team
    • Secretary - Trudie Coburn
    • Hbi - Hilton Business Initiative - Cilla (Pickering) Hilcove, Janice Shipway and their Team
    • Council Member - Kate Janse Van Rensburg & Pam Passmoor
    • Sport - Jill Magrath
    • Membership - Sue Tarr
Projects that the HRA are involved in
  • Security - The HRA sponsored the purchase of a gantry camera. The result of this has been a significant reduction in crime trends through numerous neighbourhood watches.

  • HBi - the ongoing support for Cilla Pickering (HBi) in her quest to beautify Hilton - cutting public areas, lawns, drains, verges and sidewalks from Grace College to Valley Road in Winterskloof. The hiring of two full-time gardeners, planting & weeding in new and existing areas, controlling invasive weeds, planting trees.

  • Delivery issues and the Municiplaity - Craig Millar is our council representative and he is our vital ‘go-between’ for Hilton. Dealing with concerns from ratepayers on new developments and more.

Hilton CSI

PO Box 456, Hilton, 3245, KwaZulu-Natal
Chairperson: Mike Tarr 082 568 8246
Vice-Chairperson: Shay Mauck 082 551 4106
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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